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How to create Eggman's Goggles? Answered

I'm working on something just for fun which is Eggman's goggles he keeps on his head and I just don't know what is best make them I could try those tops from the Twistable axe cans and some cardboard tube like form foil rolls cut down to size and stuff it in the opening of the top and use braiding and fasten them on but not sure what else could look great on them.


Sounds like you already have them figured out. What more do you need on them other that a coat of grey paint.

How I can make sure the Axe twist caps don't break over time with a opening can weaken it over constant usage

What kind of use do you have in mind that will weaken them. It's not like your going to put them back onto the Axe containers in between uses right. Sure there will be stress on the materials as you wear them. As with anything it won't last forever. Over time and with exposure to UV light the plastic will wear out and the parts replaced. So make a couple of pairs. Wear on till it breaks and then you have a backup. I'm sure you'll grow tired of wearing an eggman costume to every con and move on to a new costume idea before you wear them out.

Not sure if I'm gonna put inside a thin layer of cardboard to reforce it I have no idea to reinforce it if I don't know what could be good.

I'll see what I can do with them I still need good Grey Metallic spray paint