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How to create a USB cloner/duplicator system ? Answered

I want to create an interactive device which allows for people to press a button, and copy files stored on a flash drive onto their own flash drive.

I tried looking for usb cloners/duplicators , and found a lot of devices which are for SATA copying etc.

Ideally, I would love to be able to power it outside of an outlet, although having the option wouldn't hurt either. Not sure if this has been created or could be created with the right minds and resources. 

thank you for any assistance!


I guess we can't copy the files in a usb drive if It's encrypted. Right? If so "SCRIPT" option is no longer an option hm?

Just use a Raspberry Pi, write a script that copies from one drive to another when inserted.

Awesome! I will reach out to the Pi community with help with that! Thank you so much!