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How to create a steampunk pocket watch using an empty case? Answered

I've bought an empty case to build a pocket watch to bring out a steampunk look but I'm not sure if I should find a site to buy the right sized prebuilt clock movment or goto a watch shop like the one at our mall with Dakota Watch Company may have what I need to add it in there.

so here's the casing I've bought from Pat Catans Craft store and this is a pretty much a case for a pocket watch movement.

Another thing this was made by Solid Oak LLC the ones who makes neat Steampunk Jewelery and other things Steampunk releated.


Short answer: do whichever you are happiest with.

If you don't mind it not telling the real time, you could make your own dial up and add several hands off old watches, pointing at unusual things, like the time on the Moon, or the local Aether density.

Whichever you do, remember to take plenty of photos as you go along, and then post a step-by-step instructable of it.

I do want it to be a Real working windup style watch not a style of a quartz one.

I did make a custom Design I hope to have on it for the watch itself.

You'd have to take the case to a jeweller to see if they have a movement to fit the case.

Done it and there's no movment that fits in this one this one more like for displaying something inside like a picture so soild Oak's Watch case wasn't meant for movments for this.