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How to create dc input to dc 5v, 5v, 12v (three outputs w/ diff currents)? Answered

I want to create a single power source for these three components:

1.Raspberry pi : 5v , >750mA

2. Display : 12v, 750mA needed

3. Powered USB Hub

The input source should be dc max 12v...


Look up voltage regulator to see what they can do for you.

each device will draw the current it needs so make sure the regulator you buy can supply at least that current (and a bit more to keep it cool)

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The Ras-Pi will need a LM-7805 ( With a Good Sized Heatsink ! ) And the display should hopefully accept a 12v input.I will assume that you are using something like this to run you Ras-Pi. A Display like the one I noted will tolerate any momentary voltage spikes; Just as your car radio will. I have seen this very Item Installed i a car (Voltages up to 14.5V)