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How to create local YouTube or other flash-based videos? Answered

I'm giving a talk about Instructables and user-innovation this week and want to show some videos people have embedded in their Instructables via YouTube, GoogleVideo, etc... How can I create a local version of the video so I can show it without internet access, or, even better, embed it in a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation?



11 years ago

An easier way to copy videos is to load the video completely, go to your browser cache and copy the file, either TMP or FLV (for youtube at least). If it's a TMP, change the file type to FLV. I play them with VLC Media Player. Convert it to WMV or something.

I've never done it before... but if you have a copy of the video etc.... I'd think you can redirect requests to the video through the host file to a local file. Again, never done it -- works well to kill music that auto plays from myspace accounts (shh, did it to my sister's laptop). Just something to explore if there's no better option