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How to create reed switch that activates wireless alarm? Answered

I've been reading alot about reed switches after learning about a security feature for cars, a reed kill switch. I wanted to know how to or if someone could create some kind of setup where if the reed switch closes the circuit, it will activate a wireless remote or something like an alarm within a reasonable distance from the actual switch. I've seen those window/door entry alarms. Would those work? For a car, would it be possible to have the reed switch activate a small alarm in a key fob type of thing?


Yes, window entry alarms usually use a reedswitch for the sensor. I don't understand where you#d want to mount it ? As a remote car alarm ?


I wanted to mount it where the door meets the frame of the car so if the door is opened it activates the alarm. and I didn't mean literally a remote. but just like a receiver that's triggered by the switch. and maybe a couple seconds delay, so that if i enter the car i could prevent it from activating the alarm.

Why don't you use the switch already there for the courtesy light?

You could do it, but the surrounding steel may be a problem for getting it to switch. Experiment a bit.

You can do it. But first decide in what condition of Car you want to trigger an alarm. That will decide how you can use Reed Switch.