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How to create wings for human flight? Answered

All of us have seen humans fly in those triangle shaped gliders. How about creating wings that will do the job?
Understood that it requires more than wind to propel it so flapping power could be harnessed. 
I need designs and the physics(i.e How much area of wing is required to lift what mass of body and etc.)
Please suggest solutions ASAP!
My e-mail id is bharadwaj.adiraju@gmail.com

Thank You :D



in the meanwhile. 2100 mechanical "joints" for your next bird.


im saddened to see so many saying "impossible" is.t this website supposed to be supportive of new and crazy ideas? Progress is halted by naysayers. Believe in your dreams and with proper research and dedication I believe that humans are capable of anything

This post made me make a Facebookaccount here.

I would like to respond to tstark12.
Naysayers are also real.
People told me I couldn't live without oil and gas.
I don't use them and I can still talk about it.

Of course we can fly.
The batteries need to get stronger and other things need to happen.

Maybe graphene will get us somewhere.

I have been jumping with kites since I was ten.

The big problem I think is like with a sail boat.

How to control your vessel against the crazy wind spirits going in strange directions.

I will just keep dreaming and building the things that don't exist yet.

For one or for more.

Good luck.

the wingspan would have to be at least 20 feet across for an adult about 5'8

I don't need help; yet I'm here! I designed a human powered device that actually will have man flying like angels. Despite our mass size; with proper ingenuity you can fly like a bird. I shouldn't say more; but hopefully I have pushed you to someday fly with me! I can make the right comments when it's fully patented, and get you further on your journey and help your design to be better than mine! Keep thinking and think big.... no motor!

Human powered Ornithopters are not an available possibility. We do not have the power to weight ratio for such flight.

Look up Human Bird Wings. I found it when searching for the same thing. it's so awesome!!! there's even a video of him flying! Not sure if Instructables will let me post this link, but if so, here it is http://www.humanbirdwings.net/about/flying-like-a-bird/

If you wish to pedal your way to flight, look up the Gossamer Condor, as of now, humans aren't strong enough to flap their way to flight. Try to fly by flapping wings will get you injured or possibly killed. So I wouldn't try it.

That's what people said before planes were invented. Anything is possible if you work at it.

My name is MarkAnthoney Gildersleeve I have the perfect idea for human flight. I have it drawn out I have built them before. However the auto shop they were built in fell to the ground. It was really old. Please call me i would LOVE to partner up with you so we can get this built. 810-610-7138. Their are two types of wings those that flap an those that have turbines. Turbines are time consuming but I have the blueprints for them because I invented them already please contact me. I have been working on this for 13 years.

hi markanthoney glidersleeve,my name is dhananjay visai and i am from india. And i am interested on your working project that you are trying since 13 years. If you are interested to be a partners then we can built it up together and i would be so happy to join with you

your friend,


My thoughts too, feathers and wax. Don't fly too high though!

Thanx for the advice :D
And yeah i kinda figured that out. So i basically just want wind power.
just send me an email from your id. I would like to share all my info on the idea with you ASAP!

And, at least as importantly, to contribute to it.

As others have said, there is a lot of information already on the web about what will, and won't work. Generally, hang gliders and the Gossamer Condor and wing suits (which are a good way to kill yourself even if working with pro-level gear unless you are extremely well trained and extremely careful, and which really are more a matter of "falling with style" than anything else) are the state of the art.

Flapping arms is a non-starter as arm muscles are nowhere near strong enough. To get continuous flight, you'd need something along the lines of Gossamer Condor.  Google for terms like "human powered flight physics" to find out more about why you need that much wing area.

1. Putting your Email in a public web page is probably unwise.

2. You don't have the muscle power to operate flapping wings for any serious flight effort ( Yes it has been done but not for long)

3. Your best bet is a glider. For that light wings would be possible as in hang glider 4. google gossamer albatross


Try googling for some information on "human powered flapping flight"