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How to crowd-source the perfect cheesecake Answered


There exists a strong believe that in due time, with the power of the principles of crowd-sourced knowledge, we will be able to create the perfect cheesecake. Or the perfect anything really. In fact to see if a crowdsourced Michelin star cheesecake is achievable we open up a cheesecake competition, starting from a few simple ibles shared on Instructables, and with the help of the tasting crowd.

Feedback please!


Hello Kiteman, Yes this way we hope to create improved feedback into instructables.com. The websites comment function will hopefully function like a platform for peer to peer increase of quality. In theory it is possible, but we are dealing with reality so let's see.

Why not write an Instructable: How to Enter the Instructables Restaurant Cheesecake Competition ?

Outline a few simple rules (such as "keep it metric"?), and offer some prizes, such as a special patch for all qualifying entrants, named credits on the restaurant's menu, maybe an IOU for a free meal (with no time limit, because most entrants will not be able to visit for quite a while).

You will get more entrants with a unique prize with cash value, so if you really want to splash out, contact the site admins and arrange for a laser-engraved Leatherman, with the full Instructables Restaurant logo, rather than just Instructables.

(Or maybe that ought to be a laser-engraved kitchen knife?)

Funny thing is, when I left my last job at http://www.platform21.nl I got a laser engraved cake scooper! Thanks for the tips, we will follow up on this and arrange something nice. I'll keep you in the loop!

So, you want the recipes posted as Instructables?

Excellent idea.