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How to cut out the laser diode off a cheap laser pointer? How do i connect it to power? Answered


I took apart mine the other day - the switch had broken.
I took out the batteries and then used a nibbling tool to eat a slot down the tube part, up to the switch.  Then used a pair of pliers to twist out the switch and nibbled around so I had the laser module with half-an inch of extra outer tube.
Then I twisted the outer tube around the pliers, sardine can style, and unpeeled the outer tube until the module was free.
It's pretty obvious where the power connections are - I attached red and black wires to these, and secured them with a blob of hot glue.
Make sure you only use a 3 volt battery or you'll fry the diode.
You'll probably see a tiny potentiometer on the module.  Tweaking this will alter the current to the laser and increase or decrease the power, but increasing it will shorten the life, and possibly blow it immediately.  I left mine as it was.

Just to clarify - DON'T remove the laser diode itself - Use the whole module which includes the drive circuitry and the diode.

Thanks for your answers.

 You have to keep the laser diode assembly pretty much intact because it has a small control circuit with it.   Why don't you search the Internet?  

Here are a couple of urls for you :

Leave it as it is perhaps?
If you take the thing apart it should be obvious where the power connects?