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How to cut porcelain steel Answered

Hey everyone! Here's a good one for anyone interested in new techniques! I have some porcelain steel I'm trying to cut and I was wondering if anyone has an idea, tool, or technique that i should try to cut the porcelain coated steel with that won't chip the edges of the ceramic. The porsaline steel is .017" thick the ceramic is .007" inches thick. If anyone could design something that I could use it would be greatly appreciated!


This is a bit late but, for closure, this reference specifically says the edges will chip: http://mywhiteboards.com/unbesp3porst.html using a 60T carbide blade. Otherwise, you're looking at a wet saw and diamond blade.

How about a very fine abrasive to cut threw the ceramic layer, then a second cut threw the steel? The problem is going to be that anything that heats up or vibrates the steel is going to cause chips. Best be would probably be water-jet, but I don't think that's going to help : )

I've seen guys demo a tub with a reciprocating saw with a demolition/steel blade but maybe you need to use a grinder with an abrasive blade and water cooling to get a nice cut. Do you need to cut curves or just straight?