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How to cut precise disk out of aluminium or gfk? Answered

Hi, I'ld like to make a kind of spool. For that I need a two discs (80mm diameter) and a ring. The material is 3mm gfk or alu. By now my idea is to mount a jigsaw upside down and rotate the gfk around its center, so that the saw cuts tangential. Any better ideas are welcome. cheers Michael


You can get drill-bits that will cut large holes. Otherwise the jigsaw seems OK if it's fitted with a metal-cutting blade. What do you need the discs for ('spool' is a bit vague)?

I need the disks for a fishing reel. The attached image shows the reel in principle.

This project cries out for a lathe and a milling machine. Do you have access to one. I have plans for a fly reel I have been working on for some time(too too many other half finished projects in the works). But I have access to a complete macnine shop at the school where work.

Unfortunately I don't have access to a lathe and a milling machine. That is mainly the reason for this disc/pole construction here. I only have a drill press and other hand tools.


11 years ago

If the spool will have a hole thru the center and you need a presice "roundness" how about cutting it the way you describe and then put a bolt thru the hole and spin it in a drill. Using a file or sandpaper smooth the edge as needed.

You mean, like a lathe? :)

Yeah, a lathe would be the ultimate way. I just assumed that wasn't a posibility or it would have been the obvious method (tool). I'd like to have a better feel for what's being made.