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How to delete a video from the inernet URGENT Answered

My ex boyfriend but an inappropriate video of me in the internet on a bad site, it wont let me remove it. i need help urgently.. does anyone know how to hack into such sites?


good day can i ask something about vedio how to know whos uploaded the scandal and and he only take a vedio in silence in other room hes our bordmate he make some whole in a wall so that he can take vedio and he uploaded it can we sue him
im waiting your advice thanks a lot

Did he have permission to film you?  It might make a difference.

Only if the film was made in a public place (ie not on private land or indoors).

Otheriwse, she would have to give direct permission for the video's publication and/or circulation.

Would she ? The copyright on still photographs is retained by the photographer, unless the model signs a release, not the other way round, in English law at least. Galling, but true.

Still, its a nasty trick.

Yes, but the photographer can't _publish_ without a model release, at least under US law. (There's an exception if the human is not a significant focus of the photo -- you don't need to get releases from everyone in a crowd -- but presumably that doesn't apply here.)

Thanks to you and Kiteman, I've looked at the law You're quite right, you need a release here too. She's rather unlikely to have given one.

What a nasty thiing to do. Some poor girl from the UK KILLED herself after one of these kinds on incidents. Her inquest was last week.

That is true about photos taken in public, or in studio situations (I seem to remember a set of photos of a young Madonna?), but photos and videos taken in private are a different matter, which is why celebs can get sneaky wedding photos banned from being published in newspapers than haven't paid for them.

And be aware that the video may have been copied to other machines. Once it goes up, gods know where it will go or when it may reappear.

Complaining to the site is the first step. If you were underage at the time the video was shot, tell them so; that's one of the few things that might make a porn site (for example) actually pull something off its server.

And yes, I think you'd be justified in hitting the ex with threat of legal action. As Kiteman says there are plenty of laws he may be liable under. Including, if you were underage, possible threats of statutory rape and child pornography. Whether you want to follow through on those is up to you, but at the very least he deserves a serious scare; this is unacceptable behavior.

Find the site's contact details, send them a "take down" notice.

Contact your ex-boyfriend, send him a threat of legal action - invasion of privacy, breach of trust, copyright infringement, theft of intellectual property - and demand compensation that would mean he had to sell his car to afford.


8 years ago

I reckon your best bet would be to send an e-mail to people running the site.  You should be able to find their contact details somewhere on the site.

Hope this helps.