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How to design a piezoelectric speaker with high impedance at 30 - 150 watt? Answered

i'm looking for a guide on how to build and measure a piezoelectric speaker with regular impedance 4ohm , 8ohm , 16ohm , with watts from 30 up to 150watts rms , the purpose use is for amplifiers such as hifi amps , guitar tube amps , also i want to know if it possible and how to make a high impedance piezoelectric speaker above the 1kohm for a OTL Tube Amps , to solve the problem instead using many tubes to lower the high impedance , to use a piezoelectric design that has the high impedance for example 4000ohm in this case no need for output transformer or too much of tubes, plugging the tubes directly to a piezoelectric speaker , the size of the speaker it may be bigger than a regular piezoelectric element due to the high impedance and adding other material for resonance , anyone can help? please :)



2 years ago

This may put you on track.

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