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How to design and setup a mobile phone jammer? Answered

As a part of my academic project, I would like to build a mobile phone jammer, sufficient enough to block CDMA and GSM signals. Where shall I get technical assistance for that? 



6 years ago

you can find the answer and get technical assistance by purchasing such a device online with the using guidlines which will help you learn more about how a cell phone jammer work.Good luck!!

If this is part of your academic project you will have an academic supervisor, access to a library & the internet (obviously). The first is where you should start asking.


Operating a cell phone jammer is a crime in quite a lot of the world.

Make sure, as part of your academic project, you research the legal and other hazards of what you're making.  If you're in the US, here's a good place to start.

Otherwise most radio frequency jammers simply generate noise or bursts of noise at a specific frequency.  Discover what frequencies you want to jam and the develop a transmitter tuned to those frequencies and broadcast noise along them.  The stronger your transmitter the bigger the radius of effect.

get a $30 cellphone jammer, figure out how it works (hook it up to an oscilloscope)