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How to disable a neighbors LOUD car alarm Answered

After owning my home for over 12 years, a very rude, angry and disruptive woman has moved in next door, (mobile homes, her car is right under my bedroom window), there has been no crimes here until she and her wayward (can't say I blame the kids), moved in.

Is there any device that I can use or make to silence her car alarm (full blast, 5:30 a.m.).
I have tried to talk to her, however nothing but violence and anger spew from her mouth...

Seriously - help with realistic answers - I have tried everything else, and I am sheer worn out from {raying for Peace.


Cut the alarm wire.

This is a 3 year old topic you know?

In any case, physically tampering with the car is probably illegal and would just make the neighbor even more mad.

I had to deal with a too sensitive car alarm myself.
The owner (if he was not abusive) simple ignored the problem with statement that he prefers a few false alarms over just ine missed attempt to steal the car without alarm.
Problem was that every truck moving past or even cars with very loud music (not to mention Harley Davidsons) set off the alarm for 30 sec.
One minute pause and it goes off again until someone actually turns it off.
I just called the cops a few times when the alarm was going with my neighbour not caring or not being home.
Told them I saw someone on the car and now the alarm won't shut off.
After they came and checked 4 times they contacted the owner and told him to either fix the alarm or to pay for them to come out.
Funny enough he took the car to someone to adjust the sensitivity and no more alarms ever since.
Except when one of my cats jumps on his car in the morning to warm up in first sun LOOOL

Alarms are like any other source of noise, a little log send to your local council with a complaint notice about the noise should fix it if the neighbour in not cooperative.
In case you want to reduce the noise level yourself without caring about legal consequences yo can locate the speaker horn for the alarm and fill the entire area with 2K foam as used for building stuff.
Only makes a big mess but no permanat damage apart from a few hours to cut out and clean the area.

You can file a suit at the office of your local magistrate. Bring a record of how many times in a week you are awaken by this alarm, record your conversations with the neighbor (remember to tell her that she is going to be recorded), bring witnesses with you if possible. Report to your local police station everything. They have to do something, rattle some cages!

Without giving you suggestions that could esculate the problems you have now, have do like canucksgirl said. Also I would look at maybe sound proofing your windows a bit.

Most municipalities have noise by-laws. The best thing you can do is document the situation, then contact the city with your complaint. With the evidence, they can contact the owner directly to stop the behavior and the nuisance alarm. If she doesn't comply (and you have some proof), then she'll get fined, etc, etc.