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How to dismantle bicycle hub motors? Answered

I need to open up the hub motor to repair the wires which have been ripped out of the hollow axle. I am reluctant to use force to separate the motor shell and it does not seem to want to separate after removing the allen screws. Which side is the best to remove? It is an ebikekit 500wat motor.


Not trying to send you away empty handed but several months ago I was doing some research on DIY windmills and kept coming on people using these hubs for the generator of their windmills.

You might try posting your question on some of the DIY windmill forums/sites and see if they might have more experience with these hubs.

Good luck anyway.

Its probably that the very strong magnets that are in the thing are holding it together - try and push the parts apart with a vice and a couple of blocks of wood. Be VERY careful when you reassemble it, that the magnets don't trap any skin as you work...

Have you tried hitting it hard with a solid lump of wood? It may just be a bit sticky if you have removed all the fastenings.