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How to diy this fantastic light(⊙_⊙)? Answered

Look at this light. It's fantastic, isn't it? 
So, I'm wondering if someone knows how to make it. I don't even know the texture of the main part of the light. 
I want to make it as a present to my little brother who is trying to sleep alone.


A plastics company, like TAP or amazon might have acrylic globes that could be the base. Try and make sure to use a good plastic or glass-friendly paint, and I would suggest cutting a stencil out of plastic film (that can be re-applied). Easiest way to cut out stencils from plastic film is with a hot stencil cutter (usually can be bought as an attachment to a woodburner).

With a stencil, you can even airbrush it or use a rattle can, carefully.

Good luck!

Find a light fixture with a round cover like that and paint it.