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How to do a Pleated Tube Dress? Answered

I want to make a Pleated Tube dress like the one in the site provided. I can't find any patterns or anything similar to it, Any help will be appreciated :)



Best Answer 7 years ago

Nice dress. I think it's miss-named, so finding patterns would be difficult. A tube dress is , as it say's, a simple tube that is pulled in at the waist and otherwise decorated. If you look closely at the image you will see that looks like two seperate pieces. (possibly 3) If you count the decorated waist band as seperate, it makes finding patterns easier.

1. The white top is like many strapless or bustier types.
2. The skirt is more like a tulip skirt or any wide pleated skirt.
3. the waist band covers an dties the dress together and is simple enough to
make. (think cumberbund with flower).
Why not look for old patterns of the seperates and join them together and cover with the waistband. Good Luck.

Thanks for the help. I've never heard the term "tulip" before until now. I have a really good "plan" on making the dress all I need is the materials, but otherwise I'll be able to do the dress. Thanks a lot!

I hope you will show us all when it's done. I can sew myself but as Iv'e got older there seems less and less need for me to make my own clothes. Good Luck.