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How to do a hard syatem restore on a dell Latitude D620? Answered

i have a dell latitude D620 how do i do a hard system restore all the way back to the factory settings? All I have is the Laptop & the Charger I do not have the Boot CDs 



8 years ago

The long and the short of it is, without the system restore disk, you can't.
However, if there is some diagnostic issues you need  to solve, here is a link to download a free copy of the the user manual and service manual:


If you can't resolve the problem that way, you can download a free Ubuntu Linux OS (which I highly recommend for Linux noobs) from here:


you could wipe it clean with  a maxtor disk but you would erase everything but then you could install a linux and most are free or low price

And it isn't stolen?
Who sold it to you, why didn't they give you everything you need (they should know you need it)?
Try them first, then Dell, then come back here.