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How to do/live Parkour? Answered

My training so far is as follows;

25 Lunges (+5 everyotherday)----With Dumbells, then Without DBells
25 Squats(+3 everyotherday)----With Dumbells, then Without DBells
25 Pushups(+1 everotherday)
7 pull ups, (+1 every 2 days, every other)
30 Curl/Sit Ups(+2 everyotherday)
2 Pistols(+2Every4days)
Run 1/16 or 1/8 mile.
End With 20 SamsonStretches

Can somone tip on anything else I can do? Tips on parkour moves?


nice workout. hope ypur sticking to it, or got an even better one. altho being in great shape really helps with parkour, remeber the best training for parkour is parkour. so try to incorporate these excercises into a parkoru training session, like, pick a route, do some movement, get you blood really flowing. then drop into the exercises, and as soon as you finish one set back into the parkour. also, there seems to be no warmup there. allways start with a good group of dynamic stretching. you could swap the pull ups for muscle ups as well.

one exercise that is helpful is a spiderman push-up. Basically you do a regular push up but you touch your left knee to your left elbow and then next time you go down do the same thing with your right knee and elbow.

Try and look at my instructable on Parkour.

definitely looks good for strength training i would suggest practicing precision moves everyday though because balance is also very important in the sport maybe a couple different stretches to make sure you dont get hurt would be good too

I'm a fan of hindu pushups, they look goofy but they work good, also precision jumps and anything that improve balance are always good to do.


9 years ago

try jumping off a tall fence onto a light post and spinning its awsome