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How to drop an egg from a window and prevent it from crashing Answered

Hello everybody I think you might find this exercise fun and at the same time original ideas are needed! Thanks In advance!! I'm studying design and this exercise has become a classic at my school. Since 10 years ago students have tried to reach the objective but also to develop an original and creative solution. The exercise is to develop a kind of device in order to be able to drop an egg from a window in the first floor and land it safely on the ground at a distance that has to be less than 3 cm from it. Plain Parachutes and slides are forbidden as they are too obvious unless they have a distinctive aspect and also you can`t wrap the egg in something soft (like a pillow) and drop it. Important things to take notice are: -The person has to loose all contact with the egg, for example you can´t hold a fishing rod with an egg on the end of the line and slowly get it down, but if somehow the fishing rod would do that by itself it would be ok. -It must be a raw chicken egg Thanks!! I will try to answer any questions!


any limits on supplies, hight, width, demention? i can design it for you, (i've got paper right in front of me to draw) how about limits in weight? reply, and many more people will be able to help you!

. Just drop it. You'd probably be surprised at how many eggs will survive when dropped from ten feet with no protection - they're very tough.

Just add fins to ensure it lands point-first. Make it look like one of those nerf-football-dart things.

In fact, there's even an Instructable you could adapt (click here) - is there anything this site lacks?!?

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Did you have to post this three times? ;~)

mmmm yes.. sorry shouln´t have i guess? my first post sorry again

My friends and I won a competition to do that, we used two principles to keep the egg safe, using a sort of padding system of tape and straws, rather than letting the straws poke the egg you make a nest and another outer ball, the outer straw bend like springs... The other part that made it much better for greater heights was a parachute cum glider design, meaning it could only reach a certain speed... Most design challenges like this get people as far as the cushioning bit but they lose out at higher levels because the egg gains too much speed. We also could possibly have used things from another challenge, this one was making a paper plane capable of carrying a little toy monkey the length of a parade hall, we made a big heavy plane and balanced it with the monkey, it made it no problem...