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How to earn a quick Buck!?!?!?!?!?!? Answered

i having money trouble and i need to know how i can earn a quick buck?!?!?!?


You can take surveys on sites like MySurvey, and every 1000points you get, you get $10.00

see if you do those they do actully do anything but take your name there fake


10 years ago

Join the PBR?

Professional Bull Riding.

see all you guys have great ideas but not for a 13 year old in the middle of nowhere i think but yeah?!?!?!?!

make things like this and sell for about 20 bucks.

the parts for 25 of those costs between 30 and 40 dollars and once you sell 2 you have already payed off the cost!

the quickest buck I ever got was immediately after I climbed into field of an angry Goat.

Yeah, you might say I got my goat. And I couldn't "Dodge (the) Ram" .

I'm worried if you did but the goat got his... I'm guessing grabbing it by the horns made no odds either...

They like to surprise you sometimes.....which is what I mean by a "quick buck" :-)

Oh now I understand, I made a mistake with a ram in the mourne mountains once, I may have been slightly intoxicated, believed that they were just padded horses and jumped on one... Mountain sheep are unbelievably fast, I had no clue as to how to get off the sheep until it made the decision for me, by careering over a fence, I stumbled to my senses while it started coming back... Thankfully smart drunk kicked in rather than brawling drunk, I hopped over the fence and it left me alone, they do see humans enough to make the fence connection... Thankfully for me. Well I got my qucik buck aswell and oddly on the way back found about 15 quids worth of pound coins, not from me.

I can't believe that ...... He is desperately looking for help, and you're making pun and jokes ...... Oh well ... At least, it was a good pun ............ OK, you're pardoned !

Gee I am sorry, I was only trying to help lighten the moment.

Most of my "quick" jobs have been through temp services...that was already mentioned....*shrug*


10 years ago

I heard bank robbers make great cash.

Ummm there's probably some good way of doing this, I'd say tricks etc. would be good, for example I just figured out how to lift one side of my car using myself...

Kitewife has started selling her old knitting patterns on ebay. I scan them first, so she still "has" them. This weekend, somebody paid over $30 for a few pages pulled out of a magazine. Mad.