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How to earn money online by making research based innovative projects which are based on Artificial Intelligence ? Answered

I am interested in doing research in the field of Artificial Intelligence & make innovative projects based on research . So i use to study relevant research papers based on AI and try to enhance the performance by using some other techniques. I have made projects & published research papers in many international journals and conferences like IEEE(for Drone's path planning, Stock Market forecasting, Chatbot). I have already implemented plenty of innovative ideas(like path planning techniques for Drones(Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), Chatbot(AI based), Share market forecasting(using AI), etc. I want to make money by making research based projects, write research papers and thesis(if it belongs to academia) and sell it to client online. How can i make money by making research based projects online? I am also learning PHP for developing a website.


You won't make money by researching, just by selling the results of your research.

If you've done all that research, you should know exactly who to approach with a view to a sale.


3 years ago

All my life I have tried this........ Let me know if you get rich...