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How to earn patches in instructables? Answered

I had three patches, but I don't know how I earned them!! I've spent all of them. Now how can I get more?


Patches are like electronic stickers or badges that can be given by pro-members to other members. They can also be earned in groups like Achiev'ibles, or through wining a contest on Instructables. I can see on your profile page that you were given 2 patches by other members. If you click on them you can read the attached message. Since you've already signed up for the Achiev'ibles group, you can earn patches for many types of achievements (like reaching a certain number of views, or Instructables, comments, etc). Those patches will be sent automatically to you. In order to give patches, you have to be a pro member. You'll see how many you have left on your YOU page. (By purchasing or earning pro-membership you are given more patches to send).