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How to eliminate perennial ryegrass from my centipede (I think) lawn? Answered

I had to have a drain tile dug up and replaced in my front yard a while back. In order to prevent the loose dirt from washing into the street when it rained, I put down perennial rye seed to hold the sod together. Now I'd like to have all the same grass again, but the rye is proving to be more tenacious than I bargained for. I've tried Googling for a rye-specific herbicide, but no luck so far. I've been just pulling up the rye shoots, but I'm hoping for a less labor-intensive approach.
Any lawn-care experts out there that can recommend a product or process that might help get rid of the rye without killing off the rest of the lawn or making me grow gills or a second head or something?


I think you're on to a loser there. If the others are fine-leaved species,  perennial rye grass is probably the most hardy and tenacious grass you've got there.

OK - Start again - I've just checked the 'centipede' reference. I'd never heard of centipede grass or seen it in the UK, although I've seen lawns of it in Spain and wondered what it was.

I think it's main attribute is drought tolerance - Not a problem we get in Britain.  Rye grass is somewhat susceptible to drought so maybe keeping it as dry as possible for a few weeks may weaken the rye.

Here in The Hellmouth, GA we get a drought every other summer or so. I hate the idea of hoping for a drought just to simplify my lawn care, though. Seems like overkill. Besdies, I never water anyway, so maybe that'll do the trick.