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How to extend a power switch on a projector? Answered

Well, I went and finally bought one of those cheap projectors off of ebay for the pourpus of replacing the lamp, I almost have it finished and at this point Im thinking about where to mount it and how to run power etc... The problem I have encountered is that it will be in a place where it will be inaccessable to me, so I was wondering  If I could extend the power switch to my "control table".
I figured when I bought that it used a soldered on SPST pushbutton switch, but when I got the projector and disassembled it, it had some kind of onboard switch (which I will have to post a pic of becasue its really hard to explain)
Any help would be appreciated
Oh, I almost forgot, It is so old I cannot find a remote for it, so thats not an option.



Best Answer 8 years ago

Yes you are exactly right.  If that is indeed the power switch location if you solder a monentary contact switch to either side of the pcb contacts you should be able to extend the switch to any reasonable length.

Yes. those interleaved pads use a  conductive-foam dot applied to thre underneath of the finger contact to complete the circuit.
Since we can't really say how far away the useable cable might be from a remote switch or how far away the circuit itself will reliably function when replacing its designed actuator with a remote switch, , it might be best to use a small solid-state relay (SSR) to complete the circuit *as close as possible to the contacts, then use a cabled switch connected to trip the SSR, rather than attempting to complete the circuit from afar directly.

I had a similar problem in this instructable, I did as Re-design suggests and soldered my switch to the contacts.

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