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How to find a girlfriend? Answered

How to find a girlfriend? Any ideas?


This is a good question, but it is clear that you haven't searched instructables for the subject - when I did, I found an instructable named exactly that.. Goto instructables.com/id/HOW_TO_FIND_A_GIRLFRIEND (Copy-paste it into the browser) Hope it helps..

Learn how to make females feel attraction. You can do this with a combination of body language, vocal tonality, teasing, challenging and validation techniques. When you get into a conversation with a woman you like, use these attraction generating techniques. Once you feel she's attracted, ask her out for a coffee or something which is simple. If it goes well, keep asking her out on further dates. Make her feel special. She will eventually turn into your girlfriend if you do it correctly.

Chris Fabiani,
London, United Kingdom

it easy.... 1st..you just must to know her well... then be her best friend.. read her diary and you will know more about her...make her always happy...she will enjoy with you..and dont forgot to ask her to be your girlfriend....

Emm A girlfriend: - Find girls, that you actually like to be around. - Start to fancy one of them - End up asking her out - She says yes you go out, no repeat 1-3 it's a bit mad to actually ask how to find a girlfriend, short of buying a wife there's no science to it really, you meet people all the time, if you find you just don't know any girls/girls you like then expand your horizons...