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How to find out how many votes you got in a contest? Answered

I was wondering if there was a way to see how many votes you got in a contest. At first, I thought no; but then, after reading some comments on the Wicked Lasers Contest it seemed like people found a way to figure out how many votes they received. So, can anyone shed some light on this situation, please. Thanks! 



Best Answer 7 years ago

If a contest is still in the voting phase, you can open the instructable (note, not the content page), vote for the instructable and in the upper left corner it will tell you how many votes that instructable has. Since you can only see when you vote, once the voting closes you can no longer tell.

Thanks a lot! This is very helpful.


7 years ago

And after you vote and find out how many there are you can un vote unless of course you actually want to vote for that one.