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How to fit a HDVR 150 rearview mirror? Answered

Greetings to all,

First of all, I want to say WOW to all of you. Your are all  an amazing and unique group. Now to my issue in hand, I  purchased a HDVR-150 rearview mirror for my 2005 Chev Silverado 1500. The clips do not expand to fit on the pick up mirror.  I need all your input to make it fit. I was going to return it but, I know that there are a lot of creative people on this site. I hope that you will join with me to meet this challenge to make it fit.  I would truly appreciate your assist.

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5 years ago

Drill holes through the clip points giving you a space to run zip ties threw and zip tie it to the mirror. Probably be a better hold then those clips and small suction cups.


Answer 5 years ago

Hi, I agree with you that zip ties will work but my concern is that the plastic which composes the clips is very thin. After a few take down the clips they will become weak. You are correct that the suction cups are too small to keep it in place. Thank u!


5 years ago

This remarkable dashboard camera clips right onto your rear-view mirror, making it one of the most discreet dash cams around. It comes with an integrated 2.4″ screen that appears on top of the mirror’s surface (though the display can also be switched off).

The HDVR-150 by ABEO is easy to install and use: Just clip it on your existing rear-view mirror, tuck away the cable around the windshield, plug it into the cigarette lighter, and you’re good to go.

When we bought this camera, it came with a 4GB MicroSD card included. However even at 720p resolution, this is barely enough to record half an hour of driving. We recommend you upgrade to a 32GB card, extending your recording capacity to about 4 hours.

While the camera does have an option to record at 1080p, the video is interlaced (15fps) and the result is quite bumpy. Therefore the 720p setting is definitely preferable for the rear view mirror cam.

This is how the HDVR-150 will look in your car when installed – barely noticeable as a dash cam

The HDVR-150 comes with all the basic features that a dash cam should have (loop recording, motion sensor, auto on/off, date/time stamp) including parking mode, but it does not have a GPS functionality. dhea elisa kit http://www.cusabio.com/bio1-E-EPO-7-3.html

Video quality is very good during the day time, and good at night. This is a great buy if you just want a dashboard camera that does its job and delivers fine quality video, and can do without fancy extras like GPS, Wi-Fi and so on. What really sets this camera apart though is its smart and stealthy design: A casual onlooker will just see a rear-view mirror and won’t suspect that you have a camera installed at all.

Users consistently underline that the service by KiWaV (the distributor) is absolutely outstanding. Should you have any problem at all with your camera, they are happy to help their customers out at no additional charge, no matter whether you need help with the settings, a firmware update or even a hardware replacement.