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How to fix a Dell 15" LCD monitor? Answered

I have a Dell 15" TFT LCD monitor (E153FP) which appeared to stop working recently. It flickered for a while and then went black. However, when you look close it is displaying the images but not being lit up. Therefore it must be something to do with the backlights. Also, I took it apart and there seemed to be some black dust on the power circuit board.

I can't afford a new monitor and can't really afford to take it to a repair shop.

So, the question is does anyone know how to fix this problem? I have little to no experience in circuit board electronics but I reckon I would be able to pick it up with a good walkthrough.

Thanks for reading my question and hopefully you can answer it!



when you look close it is displaying the images but not being lit up. i repaired it year ago but again facing same problem . please guide i have to repair or have to change ?

It is either the backlight problem or may be the display itself has gone wrong.
In case the display itself is spoiled, you may have to spend a few bugs for sure.
There is one more chance: The wiring which goes from the CPU to the monitor( Present at the bottom of the screen) can have a loose connection.
So check for it.

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Bad caps are usually bulging.  At least on the couple of monitors I've fixed.  While the caps may be defective or substandard, I suspect heat plays a part.  All the monitors I've had to fix had limited ventilation, so I used a Unibit to open up extra vent holes top and bottom on the back cover and internal metal shroud before reassembling.  Even if the caps are currently fine, and the fault is something else, I think this is a good idea.

Check eBay if you need parts; that's where I got transistors and a fuse to fix a Dell monitor with a bad backlight.  It worked out cheaper than buying from normal electronics vendors where I would have faced minimum order amounts and steep shipping fees.  Check their feedback and see if previous customers have been satisfied, just in case.  Of course, if Digikey has what you need, that's good too - their prices and shipping rates are very reasonable.  And I believe you can be confident in the quality of the parts you get from Digikey.

Check out the instructables;

FREE 17" LCD Monitor - How to do it?
Dis-assembly and repair of a Dell E173FPf monitor

Although they are different models form your unit, they are similar if not identical to what's in yours. You must be able to solder & desolder. If you can't, get some practice on something else that is expendable.
I have a DELL LCD monitor & I did seek info form these instructables. It all worked. That was 2 years ago and the monitor is still going well.
All that has happened to your monitor is that the backlight or driver circuit has failed. As long as the transformers used haven't cooked & you can find the parts that need replacement, you stand a good chance of getting it to go. Mine cost $12.65 (Australian Dollars) to repair.

 Thanks for the links.
One of the guides says to replace just the two 220mf 25v caps (I can only find one on mine) and the other says replace all of them. Is it the best bet to replace all of them? 

In all the years I've been dealing with switch-mode power supplies; see an electrolytic capacitor (those can looking things), replace it. Even if it isn't faulty, it will be soon enough. The most likely failed item(s) are the small transistors used in the inverter - One of the guides does show what and where they are (or are likely to be). Replace them and the associated capacitors, and any blown fuses (pico type (looks like a yellow plastic resistor, semiconductor fuse (looks like a two legged small transistor) or a weird one that looks like an electrolytic capacitor but it is black & solid plastic (Philips Electronics just love these damn things).
If the inverters' (more than one) transformers are OK, it all should work.

Also look at this site;


It may shed a little more light on the subject.

Good luck.

Could the black dust be "soot" or is it just general dirt?


I don't think it's general dirt. It looks like soot. Its not only on the board but also on the metal back plate, directly above where the large 68mf 450v cap is when the board is attached.

You may have located the fault then?