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How to fix a PS3 controller?? Answered

So i was playing Skate 2 when I had to go into my kitchen and put away some things. I came back, but forgot I put the controller under the gaming chair when I got up, so I sat, and the chair rolled right over the controller. I looked at it and the left joystick was half out. I pushed it back in and it was weird. It wasn't always in the middle. It would stay up, or left, or upper left, lower right, etc. I pulled the rubber part off and realized that the rod connected to the controller had to go in a slot in the rubber part. But considering the outside of the rubber part have to go INSIDE the controller, and it's hard to do. I tried unscrewing the bottom, but idk what kind of screw it is.



Screws on sixaxis/dualshock controllers are phillips (+ shape). Shouldn't be too hard to get the thumb piece back inside the controller -- can you show a picture of exactly how its broken?

Pictures show: phillips does NOT fit\The analog/joystick and the controller. You can see the slot on the bottom of the stick and the rod on the controller/A demonstration of what happens when I try to fix it. The slot and rod don't match up/And if I push it in it stays anywhere around the edges.



Actually my mom use a pair of scissors and fixed it :D

'That looks pretty retched -- might work. You need to take the controller apart, philips DOES work, but you need one fine enough to get into the small hole. I promise it fits because I have repaired 3 of my own, sixaxis and dualshock 3 both use philips. You need the circuit removed from the front face, replace the thumb stick on the metal rod, then replace the circuit. It's designed to fit inside with only the thumb portion sticking out.


8 years ago

Hmmm, I suspect you might need to locate a replacement thumbstick.