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How to fix a Stereo Intergraded Amplifier JVC A-X9 (Right Channel Problem)? Answered

I need to know how to fix the right channel. I get the music trying to play out of it but, it is all distorted and scratchy( note: The distortion nor does the sound quality change due to moving any knobs or ajusting any functions-helping narrow it down-).  Left Channel works like a charm.  I have done the following to try to fix the problem.  I have blown dust out of the stereo, checked all connections where wires plug into circut board around the volume knob and nearby circut boards. Have tried wiggleing the RCA's thinking they may be wore out. They are fine as I see and therfore wiggleing makes no difference. Any help, Suggestions, and tech support would be a great deal of help right now for I would enjoy this vintage piece working again. Thank you all,

ps. dont mind the xbox on the pic its stricly the home stereo im asking about. thanks again. 


If switching the speakers doesn't show you the problem, then you're going to have to operate.

Since changing the knobs doesn't change the noise then it's probably not a dirty pot.

Unplug the set and take off the top cover.  Look carefully at all capacitors for bulges, corrosion or leaks.  If you find any then replace with as close to the same value as possible.

If you don't find anything then look at all of the resistors for damage.  They may be broken or burned.  Replace any that you find bad.

If it's still not fixed then your probably have an output transitor that is bad.  Unless it is obvious which is the output trans it's going to be hard to fix and you might be better off putting the cover back on and taking to a repair shop, or selling on ebay as a parts unit.

There is a chance that it is a power supply problem.   If the amp is built such that it is basically two seperate amps to create stereo and one leg of the powersupply is going bad then this can cause distortion on one side.  I had a quad amp that would do this once in a while and it was a power supply problem.

You might be able to find a schematic on the net by googling the model number.  It would really help if you had a schematic.

Have you tried swapping out the speaks? It may be that your right speaker is bad and not anything in the stereo.

If you know its not the speaker then you will need to open the unit up and look for any blown components. It could be you have a bad capacitor in there somewhere.