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How to fix a broken band hero drum? Answered

Well, I was playing Band hero, on the drums, then one of the drum pads stopped working! (it was the red one) You have to hit it REALLY REALLY hard to actually make it work, and i can't live with that.

If any of you had this happen or have any ideas on how to fix this, that could really help. Thanks.


Each pad has a piezo transducer that, when struck, changes the pressure into an electronic signal.  I would imagine fixing this should be pretty easy.  It could be a bad solder (although if the joint on the element is bad, replace the element - they're too difficult to solder without causing damage).  If the element itself is bad, you can find them from any electronics supplier for $0.99-2.49, depending on its size and characteristics (and who you buy from).

There is plenty of information on the web (including several Instructables) on constructing entire drum kits from scratch that you can use for Rock Band and even as a regular electronic set (provided you have a drum module).  The most basic is a piezo mounted beneath a mouse pad, but the best by far is constructing mesh head "V-drums" which give you the feel of playing a real drum head.

Take it apart and post pictures of the electronic bit.


It's working like, half the time now.....
Why do you want me to take pictures of it?

Why - I don't know how it works.