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How to fix blue screen? Answered

I hope that all of you are fine.

I recently bought a second hand HP Pavilion laptop from eBay… when I received it I came to know that there was a problem with the wifi reception… I intended it to repair myself… so I unscrewed the LCD and came to know that the connections for the wifi were broken, so I soldered them, while doing so small bead of molten soldering wore fell on the LCD, but only damaged the plastic protection and found no dead pixels when it was turned on after fixing it… the windows started up pretty good… got the wifi signals as well but after a minute or so… one or two pixel size dots appeared on the LCD and after that the blue screen appeared… I tried to restart the laptop again but the blue screen appeared every time restarted it. I tired to restore the laptop, fix the startup, also tried to run the safe mode, but everything was useless as I  got blue screen every time… the laptop manages to operate in safemode with command prompt only once and as I tried to restore the system the blue screen appeared again… further more it sometimes gets past the windows loading in the widows repair section but when it loads the resolution changes and I get a blue screen again… it also hanged while repairing setup for the windows was operating... So a lot of different hang ups… but 99% of the time I got blue screen on all the options available… I am attaching the blue screen that I usually get… it would be so nice of you if you could guide me and help me fix my computer.

Please see the attached pic

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Best Answer 5 years ago

If it were my computer i would be replacing the operating system with Ubuntu which is free and does most of what windows does and all the apps are also free.
In fact the only time i use windows is when I want to use my favourite CAD programs, which something cant do on ubuntnu or a mac for that matter.
It is very easy to instal and you can run it from the cd or dvd without touching your hard drive so you can try it to see if you like it or not.
it will also tell you if there a hardware problem such as a dead hard drive or wifi card, you can also copy all your files on the hard drive to a usb, with ubuntu running in the try it mode.
I use windows, and macs for work and ubuntu, for everything else, its my favourite operating system.


5 years ago

I hope you backed it up or had nothing important on it. Hit f12 as you start it up to go to the bios, then tell it to boot a system diagnostics off a flash drive. ( I will not take responsibility for if you lose everything on your harddrive somehow, which I would say to most peoiple I give computer advice to.)


5 years ago

Since the computer would boot before you worked on it it makes sense that you made a mistake when you were repairing it.

It sounds like you have more problems than just a bad wifi connector. When you soldered it back together you may have gotten it wrong. Or shorted two wires. If you got the wires on wrong or shorted then ran it you may have burned up a chip, resistor etc.

If the wires were off the connector, how did you decide what went where?  Double and triple check your work for correct connections and no shorts.

It's possible that something went wrong that not related to your repair.  If that is the case then it's going to be hard to figure out what is wrong and fix it.


5 years ago

An apc index mismatch is a kernel error which occurs on exit from a system call. Diagnosing the actual cause is difficult, very difficult in fact. Most times, after trying the easy things like disabling software or removing/disconnecting hardware without results, your best solution and maybe only the only viable option is to re-install the operating system.
Since you bought a used laptop and you've been tinkering "under the hood" there's no telling what may have created the condition. If you don't have any essential, irreplaceable files installed, I'd recommend you save yourself some time and headaches and just re-install the OS.
If you don't have the original Windows installation disk try one of the numerous Linux distros out there.