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How to fix card reader? Answered

I have this card reader and the computer recognize it but it doesn't recognize the card. I connected it to 3 different computers and the same story to all of them. The card works fine.



Best Answer 7 years ago

Other than cleaning the contacts there is not much you can do to fix it. Unless you have the test equipment know how to use it, and know what the circuit does you are kinda outta luck.

+1. Modern highly-integrated electronics is hard to repair with proper equipment, and essentially unrepairable without that equipment. If you're EXTREMELY lucky, this is a software problem. Otherwise chuck the reader and get another one. They're cheap.

It may be a cheap piece of crap. I had a reader destroy 4 SmartMedia cards...


yes it is a big piece of crap that I got it almost free so I can do what ever I want to it

Except use it as a card reader...


. Did you load a card scanning program into the reader? Do you have the proper drivers installed on your computer? Do you need software to talk to the reader?