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How to fix my USB? Answered

for reasons the usb is messed up. i would like to know if there is a way i can retrieve the data or fix the usb



physically messed up or otherwise?

I've had the electrical connections break between the USB connector and the memory board before and was able to solder them back together. You have to carefully crack the case using an xacto, then inspect and repair whatever was broken, then glue the case back together.

it takes a careful hand, good soldering skills, and IME, a magnifier lamp to achieve good results.

I think the dog ate it. Its in one of those little plastic baggies with some other undesirables

oooh. Well, I don't know what to tell you for spittle, but for the electric repairs see above. As I noted, a magnifier comes in very handy, as does a steady hand, a bit of wire wrap wire, and some fine gauge solder. The wire wrap wire can be used (carefully) to repair broken tracks leading from/to the solder tabs on the USB connector if needed.

I suppose the first thing is the get it open as intact as possible (ie, the case)

then, since the "dog ate it", wash it off with Isopropyl alcohol. If you have electronics grade alcohol, all the better. Blow it off thoroughly with dry air (like you get from a computer store) and then let it dry out for a day in a warm place with plenty of ventilation.. After that. blow it out again to make sure there aren't any trapped droplets of water hiding anywhere.

then and only then attempt the soldering

for reasons the usb is messed up. Such as 5lb sledgehammer messed up or what? Please be a little more vauge so we can continue to make stabs in the dark.

...You need to give more info about your problem... for instance when you say USB, it sounds like a port, but when you say retrieve data, it sounds like a flash drive.

If it is a flash drive, look at pandora recovery software.

If it is a port, get a new hub. Which may or may not fix the problem... like I said, we need more info.

There are various repair tools available:check out Google.