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How to fix this cake stand? Answered

Hi everyone! I bought this cake stand off ebay to use for our wedding cake. It's made of some kind of thin metal. The problem is that the upper plate seems wobbly where it attaches to the pedestal underneath. At this point I'd worry about whether it would be sturdy enough to support a 3 tier cake. I'm wondering if there's a way to re-enforce the seam between the pedestal and the plate to give it more stability? You can see the seam right below the "bowl" part of the upper plate. Would something like epoxy putty work? I'd like to avoid taking the whole thing apart if possible. (Don't mind the weird orange green colouring - I plan to spray paint the whole stand). Any advice or input would be great!


My first instinct would be to lift off the top plate, put a "sausage" of Sugru around the top of the pedestal, and then quickly fit the plate back in place.

Sugru is food safe, and acts as both a filler and an adhesive.


Those things are like lamps and should have a screw going through to hold it all together.
If you can turn the pieces there must be a screw.
Often hidden in the base and covered with some felt.

epoxy putty would work well but you would need to sand it after.

Are you sure the pedestal doesn't twist on?



1 Male thread on the top and female on the bottom, and then epoxy too?