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How to flag an inappropriate user? Answered

I know how to flag a comment as 'not nice' or 'inappropriate' and an Instructable as 'inappropriate' or 'spam' ... but how does one flag a user?

I've seen a few around that are rude, offensive, racist, sexist, and some times violent. Is there any way to flag a user, and not just his/her individual comments or Instructables?


We're a family-friendly site. If you see an account that is giving you concern, please send an email to service@Instructables.com with your username, the username of the account in question, and specific links to infractions. We'll investigate and remove those accounts if they violate our Terms of Service.

There r no Flag as inappropriate anymore! Someone posted an instructable edible bra!
This is Totally Inappropriate!
IfThis is what instructables is becoming I want No Part!

Do you mean the woven licorice bra?

Yes there is, Its right next to the little heart button, its a little grey flag. Click on it and hit inappropriate.

can someone please tell me if there is a way to keep someone on here from commenting to me or sending me messages...block them...anyone, please?

f you mean Private Messages, then there is a "block user" button to the top-right of any message.

If you mean commenting on your Orangeboard, forum topics or Instructables, then "no". If, though, you find their comments offensive, then you can consider using the "flag" button.

If they are just being indefinably "annoying", though, then refer to this Instructable or this group.

not to mention the inherent irony in the fact that grapes are poisonous to dogs and can kill them if they eat them

unless you're trying to dress your dog up in a costume that is scary to other dogs

Hmm, I did not know that, can you prove this? I can't think of anything in a grape that a dog can't eat.

I think it's kind of like the thing where your not meant to give cats cows milk due to the lactose in it however our cats have drank it since they were kittens and are fine, They have some every night after their dindins =D<br />

actually it's nothing similar....i'll have to look up exactly what chemical causes it as i'm not sure...but

with cats and cow milk...cats are lactose intollerant...so if you give them cows milk it will make them fart...not kill them

something in grapes (i suspect it's probably one of the chemicals that also makes grapes ferment so well) causes a dog's (or cat's) kidneys to fail...which will kill them (or at least can if you don't treat it)

The chemical that makes grapes ferment is simple sugar. They are, though, <a href="http://www.ukvet.co.uk/ukvet/articles/toxicology%20-%20raisins.pdf">toxic to dogs</a>.<br />

wll...i meant what causes them to turn into wine so well....i know that sugar is what does the fermentation (though actually it's the yeast that does that)...but if you just put sugar water with some yeast it doesn't make a fine wine....

Ah, I see your point.

You mean that the toxic substance is whatever gives the grape (and, hence, the wine) its colour and flavour.

I wonder, then, if there is a difference in toxicity between white, red and black grapes?

"The toxic mechanism remains to be elucidated" - I guess no one is seeking funding (& dogs) to find out...


I guess there's no money in antidotes to grape poisoning.

Not much as far a dogs are concerned. And you wouldn't imagine an LD50
would you?


i don't have any expendable pups to test it on so perhaps i'll never know...and all research yeilds nothing as to WHAT it actually is...but all sources say as few as 7 grapes can cause renal failure...and even fewer raisins...which suggests that drying of the fruit concentrates whatever it is)

Ahh wow, thanks.

Really is ironic then!

Milk makes my cat sick and sit on the floor on his back.

It's the dog in question is what matters, apparently their dog didn't mind (or didn't show it) and my dog just loves balloons. There's a lot of things on Instructables that are a lot worse than purple balloons on a dog, so, rest easy, that dog probably had fun.

If enough comments are flagged (i.e. in the same day) it's likely to strike admin that they might want to remove the user - go through all their recent comments.



Reply 8 years ago

The "correct channel" for this is to flag the Instructable as "inappropriate".

I doubt, though, that it would be removed on those grounds.


10 years ago

Yes, it's called ignoring them.

That could be a handy feature: "ignore this user", and then you never see comments from that user again.

. With a little tweaking (manually add username to the black list), Zachninme's NoK' nex script for GreaseMonkey can do just that.

well, actually, I guess that comment was kinda "rude", probably "offensive" too.
If it really bugs you, just send a PM to one of the staff (on the About page)

don't like it, don't look at it