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How to generate a beep sound in a watch ? Answered

I'm working on an electronic design project : Smart Watch 
this watch worn  by clients suffering  from early stages of Alzheimer disease  will play a role so that it guides the patient back to his/her house .
We pre-defined a distance boundary that the client will not exceed (speedometer). I want to know if there is a device (sensor) that should be integrated in the watch  so that it generates or creates beep sound (or vibrations) once the client crossed or approaches the Limit distance boundary ( something similar to the beep sound in the car system when it approaches an obstacle ). And , if it is possible ,any ideas or hints on how to implement it on the watch ? Thank you in advance , and if you need more information please let me know :)


A speedometer measures SPEED, a PEDometer measures distance.

Use a "pager motor" for the vibration generator


can you please specify more on how to implement this vibrator in the watch ? Is it programmable ? Any additional information to understand the functionality of the vibrator ? Thank you

Its a motor that shakes ????

Its "programmable" if you put the hardware in the watch to drive it. The simplest way to do this is to use GPS functionality in the "watch"

a microcontroller with gps module are included in the watch , no motor

Do the pager motors you sent me in the link create beep sound too ?

does the piezo speaker send beep sounds without the necessity of a motor ?

Yes. Do you actually understand what you are making, or are you working off an exam paper ?

The MOTOR is for the VIBRATION you asked for

i just wanted to know which one is better . Whether the information will be received as beep sounds or as vibrations :)

Everyone that can walk can feel vibrations, not everyone can HEAR.

Motors don't make beep sounds. You need a speaker or piezo buzzer for that.

If you dont know any of this than why have you tackled such a project,just wondering

PS: i think this is a good idea=)

it is an electronic group design project (second year electrical eng subject) . actually, We are obligated to work on this theme and are limited in the choices we can make concerning the prototype . we wanted to make advanced research and challenging tasks despite the fact that We didn't study the functionality and circuit analysis of many electronic units used in the prototype .

Thanks for appreciating our idea , and we would be grateful if you could help us and give us any suggestions :)

well here are some parts that i would use...

just pick what would suit your project best


Best way to do this and keep things small is to essentially use a a electric dog fence. A wire is buried around the perimeter and attached to a transmitter. The dog collar holds a receiver and when it gets too close to the buried wire it sets off an alarm. Collars come with various options like shock, vibration or sound. You may want to look into modifying those kinda of systems.

Although i fail to see how this will help an Alzheimer's patient. My grandfather-in-law suffers from Alzheimer's. He has a tendency to get up in the middle of the night and try to wonder off. My Grandmother-in-law has a load alarm wedged at the base of the door. If he tries to open the door the alarm goes off and prevents the door from opening much. Thus waking grandma up so she can talk him into returning to bed. The alarm itself means nothing to him. If you try to attach meaning to it he would just forget it. So any kind of watch with any added ability to point a person in the right dirrection isn't going to help an Alzeimer's patient.

I appreciate your idea , but if we neglect the Alzheimer case and think in general way on how to implement a vibrator (or beep sound sensor ) in the watch so that if a person crosses the boundary { we are assuming that the client can go to many places in town as long as he/she doesn't surpass the limit boundary distance , you can consider the House as the reference point (center of a circle) and the boundary is the perimeter of the circle ..} the watch will send vibrations or beep sound to the user informing them that they crossed the boundary .thank you