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How to get Lexmark printer to reuse a refilled cartridge? Answered

I have a Lexmark Z2300 printer. I refilled the black cartridge but the printer wont let me use it again. It still tells me to replace the cartridge. How can I get the printer to reuse it?


I don't know why did you get such kind of a problem. Well anyways may be it happen because of the printer cartridge that you are using. I would recommend you to use remanufactured Lexmark Inkjet Cartridges for your printer. They are the same refilled inkjet cartridges but the refilling process is done by professionals and they also are tested for proper working. You can get all kinds of remanufactured inkjet cartridges online at great value.

Are you sure it's not the color cartridge that is empty? I believe (after searching on Google) that the black cartridge is OPTIONAL on that printer, but color is mandatory. This sounds odd to me but it's what I'm reading online.

Some lower-end printers use black as an optional ink because you can effectively make black ink from a color cartridge (by printing all the colors heavily). Better printers resort to this method in a pinch, like when the black cartridge runs completely out. Re-design is correct. Almost all ink-jet printers have a chip inside the cartridge that, among other things, tells the printer it's dry. It's difficult (if not impossible in some or most cases) to reset the chip in the cartridge, but surprisingly easy to trick many printers by switching carts when the printer is off. Some printers, however, will talk to the cart when the printer first boots on and reject the cartridge again. It's just another one of the many ways manufacturers keep us paying $4,000 US per gallon for ink (no exaggeration). HP made more money in 2008 on ink than it did selling computers.

I don't have a lexmark printer but on the old epson printer I had, I had to keep a good printer cart. around so the I could trick the printer into thinking the refiled cart. was a true epson cart. I had to place the good cart. in let the printer boot up, then turn off the printer and switch carts. the when the printer booted up again it did not check to see if the carts had been changed. It had a chip in the cart. that was changed when the cart was empty and I could not reset the chip. That might be the problem.