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How to get a finished look on bare electronics by coating? Answered

Hello and thank you for the help. See image, forgive crude rendering...

I'm going to to connect two USB females in order to hold two USB males. I want to disguise the ugly metal part which is usually inside the PC port with some sort of material.
The only electronics involved might be bridging the females, but not a must if it will disturb the coating process (e.g. if heat is required).

I'd appreciate a pointer, and thanks again for your help. Y.



Best Answer 8 years ago

Slip a cut piece of a latex balloon over the portion of the connectors to be covered and then roll out a flat sheet of epoxy putty. Wrap the sheet of epoxy putty around it and work the edges together to join it into a single piece.  Let it cure and, if you want you can sand and paint it, or just leave it as is.  You could also do it with JB Weld but it may be kinda messy and you might have to do it in sections.

That is a good idea. I'm running to the home department store to get me a tube right now. Thank you !

.  Heat-shrink tubing.

Hmmm. Interesting. Although if I want it to look real smooth like covered in plastic, I might need a real thick application. I'll check it out ! Thanks !

Plasti-Dip. Just plug the ports up with tape wherever you don't want to cover, and dunk in Plasi-Dip. Remove tape after the Plasti-Dip cures, and you're good to go.

Thanks for your idea. But if I imagine a gooey substance i dunk the plugs in after I cover them and make sure the liquid doesn't ooze in, once I lift, it will drip down which works when covering tools handles, but not sure how to apply it correctly in this case.