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How to get an Ibles Shirt? Answered

Everyone wants an Ibles shirt. Other than contests and buying them, are there any other methods to get a shirt? Say make something blah blah.....stealing one.....


Win a contest, enter any random giveaway we host where t-shirt are prizes, find us at Maker Faire where we usually sell/give them away, or buy them from the Store.

Well GorillazMiko received a shirt when he went to the HQ. Maybe you could schedule a visit, or go to a Show and Tell and ask them nicely for one.

Well, Noah just had an extra one, but I didn't get it at the HQ. It's too small, but I just wear a zipper up jacket around it (of course, not showing the short sleeves of the shirt.) It makes me look like a girl! :P

How can a t-shirt make you look like a girl ? (squeezes the hair out of the top of your head so it appears longer ? :-)

Well, I would've looked more like a girl if I still had long hair.

(Yes, that really is me.)


When I was younger (and even now actually LOL) that would be called long :-)

ok will you cut that out already?!


My Name's not Keith!!! It's Bryant!!!!

That's what you get for thinking I like my short hair.

yeah..no prob....How much distance from florida to there? Well its even more than that.... :(

. I bought one of Kiteman's t-shirts (the catapult design) and am very pleased with it. It is a high-quality (Hanes) 100% cotton tee. It's only been through the wash once, so it's too early to tell, but it looks like the printing will hold up well.

Yes, he did.

I've sold a grand total of two tees - one to Nacho, one to an anonymous person.

. Was I #1? If so, maybe I should store mine and sell it on E-Bay, come your untimely demise.

Yup, #1 of 1 of that shirt so far, and #1 of only two altogether...

I can imagine it now:

-Ha! i just sold a shirt!!!!! I'm almost there!!! How many of your little sews have you sold

- Now Serving number 538!! I'm sorry honey, did you say something? I'm a bit busy with this long ling of valuable costumers!

Thanks for the link. :) I was about to link to it my self.

the store has been closed!

threatening e-mails to instructables? (I hope you know I am kidding.) (really) (do you?) (s#1t) (IM KIDDING) (oh god, DONT DO IT) (WHAT HAVE I DONE!!!!)