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How to get burn marks off a "frosted" hookah vase!? Answered

My MYA hookah vase has a brown/orange burn on the side otherwise its perfect i got it for 25$ which if you know the price of MYA brand thats incredible. Please help me. 



Best Answer 6 years ago

Assuming the vessel is made of glass, if the stain is on the inside, pour a tablespoon or so of acetone in it and use a long artist's paintbrush to scrub the stain. If its on the outside, I'd try moistening a rag with some acetone and rub the stain with it.
If it is stained by tobacco or some other smokable substance, the acetone will readily remove it (and many other types of stains) without harming the glass whatsoever.

If you got it cheap, why not just replace the vase?
Where did this "burn" come from / what caused it?


If it's just "muck" try steeping it in warm water and laundry-detergent.


Most advice suggests using baking soda, but I'd think you'll risk scratching it. I would take a dish of ammonia and put it into a bag with the vase and seal it up for about 24 hours. The fumes work like they would in an oven to remove the build up. I'd think it would work just as well, and safer than anything abrasive. The next day, take out the vase, and wipe it clean with a cloth.