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How to get colder temp from Beertender Answered

Does anyone Know How I can Hack the T-Fal Beertender which uses Heineken and Newcastle Brown ale mini kegs.

I would like to get the temp lower than the 39 degrees that the factory set it at.


You could try asking it nicely


6 years ago

There is a temperature sensor on the bottom (inside) of you beertender. This metal plate is combined with a rubber spring. The rubber spring pressed this metal part onto your keg. The sensor itself is thermal coupled with this metal plate. I think the sensor is a PT100 or something similar. In this case the temperature is correlated with the resistance of the sensor. So, do the following: 1.) Be sure your beertender isn't plugged into the socket!!!!! 2.) Remove the back panel 3.) On the bottom there is a cable with two wires which is connected to the controllerboard. (maybe there is a label on the board: sens, etc.) Disconnect the sensor cable from the controller board. 4.) Now you have to measure the resistance between the two wires with a multimeter. Measurement A: Measure the the resistance when the cooled (already too warm) beer is in your beertender. Measurement B: Put a well cooled beer, meat or cheese on the sensor inside your beertender. Wait 1 minute and measure the resistance again. 5.) For Example: A: 80 Ohm and B: 70 Ohm 6.) So you have to add a 10 Ohm resistance in series. Due to the linear behavior between resistance and temperature your beer will get cooled to temperature B. Notice: Maybe there is a potentiometer (varable resistor) and you don't need to add the resistance. With this potentiometer you can adjust the resistance offset, but i thing it is hard to measure this. But you can try it. Good luck!