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How to get detergent smell out of #2 plastic container? Answered

I've got a plastic container that's marked as #2 recyclable. It came full of dishwasher powder but I'd like to use it for dry goods or other storage. First I need to get rid of the detergent smell, or I'll have beans that taste like detergent. So... How do I get detergent smell out of a #2 plastic container?


Step 1. Spray oven cleaner inside the bottle, fill with water and shake, then, rinse well.
Step 2. Poor some bleach in add water and shake, then rinse well.

I don't think you can.  You can try leeching out the chemicals with water (e.g., filling it with water, letting it sit for a couple days, dump, and repeat), but plastic is porous and absorbs chemicals/smells.  It'll probably be easier and less hassle to use the container for something other than food storage.

8 years ago

The problem with trying to get the smell out of a plastic container like that is the fact that the bleach has permeated the plastic and soaked in. Maybe try some sort of mild acid (Lemon juice or vinegar?) to dissolve the first layer of plastic. That would probably get it out!


8 years ago

My experiences at trying to remove that scent from plastic has proven to be futile. I've tried everything form a strong chlorine bleach solution to boxes of baking soda dissolved in scalding hot water, and the smell persisted.
I finally gave up and just used large plastic bag as a liner for the pail and sealed the bag good when I closed up the container for storage.

Fill it with charcoal and water and let it sit for a while.


Fill it with water and baking soda and let it sit for a while.

The smell may never completely leave.  But it should go down to just a trace that is not noticeable.