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How to get fringe on crochet bedspread to hold a twist w/o putting ties on the ends. Answered

This bedspread originally did not have ties on the fringe.  I am re twisting it now , but don't know how to get it to hold the twist.  The original twist held for 50 years, I just don't know how to duplicate that.


Make a fringe twister. Here's a link to a commercial product, but using the picture as a reference you can make your own out of wood scraps and coat hanger wire in about five minutes. If you have alligator clips lying around, that's great, but you can also just bend the wire into a hook instead.

The link: 


to get any twist to hold in multi-stranded anything, the individual strands must be twisted, and the resulting 'rope' will twist the opposite direction, as the individual strands try to pull on each other they exert an opposite twist on the total structure to try and be 'straight'.