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How to get more views for a instructable? Answered

I recently posted an instructable and was wondering of any way to get more views. 




Best Answer 4 years ago

Having been featured, there's not a lot more you can do on the site.

Instead, work on sharing the project elsewhere. Post the link and first image on appropriate Facebook pages, tweet them, maybe aim tweets at power-users that might retweet them. Share them on blogs, or send them to print or web tech journalists, hope for a mention.

(Being aware of other members' comments about key words, I have fixed them for you [key words also work better when correctly spelled]).

You got featured so try using on word tags you have Arduino Robot twice and use more tags that can be mixed.

Not more tags, more one word tags that can be mixed.

He had robot in single and two word tags four times.

If you use a two or more word tag some search engines won't show that tag because the search engine sees a multi word tag as one word and it is not the word you used.

25 k is quite a lot for that kind of Instructable. You'd probably only get higher if it went viral or it was unique but often searched for. My most popular Instructable is one that I threw together in an afternoon. Google sends me 200 k view every Autumn when people search for it.

Moral of the story: Just keep publishing whatever you enjoy making and writing about. Eventually you'll hit on something that goes big.

All I can see from the stats is that Google gave me 9 views and most of the viewers is from instructables, so I guess the only option left is to keep posting, anyways I like posting here.