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How to get more views to my instructable ? Answered


I have a couple Instructables that have been #1, #2 and both in views in 6 contests only 1 made it to finalists in one contest and it didn't even get a runner up prise so being #1 in views is no guarantee to win.

Go to Q&A and the forums see what people are asking about or what they want to know.

Do an Instructable on what they are talking about.

Next use lots of related one word tags, not multi word tags, liquid, crystal, display, LCD, not "liquid crystal display LCD",.

Use lots of good clear photos not fuzzy out of focus or on weird angles.

Edit your Instructable using proper linguistics, so proper English no slang when writing in English and watch your spelling.

Introduce a term before using it, don't just write LCD and expect every one to know what you mean write "Liquid Crystal Display, (LCD).

A good introduction and explain everything you can think of.

1. Pick a cool or topical subject.

2. Write an instructable that is good enough to be Featured*.

3. Publicise your project via social media (Facebook, Twitter etc), or submitting links to relevant blogs or newsletter.

*See: https://www.instructables.com/community/Featuring-...

When you look at the stats for your project you will find most of the initial views come from within instructables. - It helps that a lot if you do something that is good enough to get featured.

After that most views will come from Google or other searches. To get that far you need to wait and use a title that people may search for that applies to the instructable. EG "a simple rabbit trap", although I didn't intend it apparently lot of people search for rabbit trap.

The next level comes from links from other sites, often blogs on specific subjects. The rabbit trap is linked from a couple of survival and wilderness type sites.


4 years ago

post pointers to it on facebook or make a better ible.