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How to get old carpet glue off cerramic tile without causing harsh vapors? Answered

How to get old carpet glue off cerramic tile without causing harsh vapors? 


Dry it, then scrape using a single-edged razor.


7 years ago

When I get back to the US, I'm planning on posting an 'ible on my method: freeze the glue with dry ice, and it pops right off. The CO2 fumes from the dry ice are non-toxic and odorless, but they do displace the breathable air (potentially leading to suffocation) but leaving a few doors open takes care of it. The photos have been taken, I just haven't had time to post it.

You might try steam to soften the glue and scrape off.

I want to thank all who answers this problem.Because it is a pretty big living room and bed room .IT'S our rent house and were on a tight budget. We have a renter who wants in by 1st and boy between redoing the bath rooms and nit noids stuff this floor has got us puzzled.My wife cant be around strong vapors its just one of her things about good health. THANK YOU ALL.

Find spray on limonene at a car parts store. Its made from lemons, and is very good on adhesives

An alternative to chemicals would be to apply a hot rag to an area for a minute, then use a putty knife to scrape off the the glue from the warmed area. When you've removed a few cloth-sized patches assess and go over with steel-wool and a detergent (there's some powerful ones that aren't too stinky. though the stinker the better sometimes when it comes to glue. wear a mask.)

Note: this method will take longer then some abrasive chemicals.